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We are in the midst of the “new norm,” one resulting in a worldwide disruption by an unseen invader. It’s affecting each and every one of us, blasting everyone into uncharted territory. We’ve been told what to do and what we shouldn’t. Where to go and where to stay. It’s all confusing. Rendering us powerless.  Escalating anxiety and hopelessness.  

What can be done to reclaim our power and shield ourselves from illness?

I have two suggestions, and I recommend that you do both, as each works differently. By following both paths, you’ll actually be covering more bases.

But before we talk about suggested paths, let’s reiterate the obvious. We need to bolster our immune systems to be rough and ready for a potential attack.  As we’ve heard over and over, avoiding direct exposure is the first defense. Coupled with adequate hand washing and disinfecting surfaces, you’ll be ahead of the game. But there are ways to help your body fight off the virus even if you’re exposed to it. What’s cool is that these suggestions will help with your overall health and wellbeing.

Path One: High-Dose Vitamin C

Linus Pauling first brought the benefits of Vitamin C to us in 1970.  And its effects are big. Supplements are one way to introduce it into your body and what’s not absorbed will be eliminated out the other end — just like all other water-soluble vitamins. If you want the full effects, go for High-Dose Vitamin C via an IV.  Here’s what it’ll do:  

  • Support the epithelial layer, our skin, so it blocks the bad bugs
  • Promote the ability of the skin to identify bad things and eliminate them
  • Enhance chemotaxis, the bodies mobilization of white cells, and phagocytosis, the white cells ability to eat and kill things. These are primarily T and B cells.
  • Remove dead cells so there isn’t a collection of bad/dead cells that can be toxic to other cells. This is called apoptosis.
  • Donate electrons to protect other cells in the body, specifically proteins.

Path Two: Thymosin Alpha 1 – Peptide

Peptides, the short chains of naturally occuring amino acids, are valuable since they stimulate the body to do what it was designed to do. Peptides are created in the thymus gland and as we age, fewer are made naturally.  They need a little, externally dosed boost. 

Thymosin Alpha 1 in particular, restores immune function and has been found to enhance cell-mediated immunity. It also:

  • Improves tissue repair and healing by modulating cytokine and chemokine response. This brings in healing properties but doesn’t overdo it, which can be detrimental.
  • Improves host protection by its effect on T cells and B cells — the white blood cells that fight off bad things.
  • Increases mitogen response (ability of the cell to divide) of lymphocytes and increases their ability to regenerate. Lymphocytes are very important in the battle against viruses. Vitamin C affects the neutrophils even more. So the combination of both is proving to be very effective.
  • Improves antioxidant and glutathione production, both of which help the body fight the big battles.
  • Improves microcirculation, allowing the necessary cells that fight the infection get where they need to be to overpower it.
  • Enhances anti-aging benefits by protecting telomeres and boosts vaccine efficacy.

What would work best for you?

Your particular dose of High-Dose Vitamin C and the amount of Thymosin Alpha 1 directly correlates with your age and risk levels. Call us to discuss your needs and concerns. We’ll determine what’s best, line you up with a prescription and get you covered.  Also consider your friends and family who are based here in Denver — especially those who are elderly and/or immunocompromised. 

Now is the time that we protect ourselves and each other. Together, we can beat this!

In good health,Steve Foley, MDMedical Director, Revive Colorado

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As with all medical procedures, results will vary depending on your age, the severity of condition, genetics, general health and environmental conditions.


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