If you’ve had a moment to look through our site, you’ve probably noticed that we offer a specific, new IV push called a “Glutathione Push”. It’s a new service that we’re so excited to start offering, and we want to let you know all of the reasons why you should come in and get one for yourself.

What is Glutathione?


First things first. What in the world is glutathione? Glutathione(GSH) is composed of three amino acids. These amino acids combine together to produce a peptide, that becomes a powerful antioxidant, as well as going on to perform several other important roles within your body. It’s molecular structure is vital for detoxification, and holds a significant role in immune function. One of the reasons that Glutathione is so important is because it is present in every single cell in the body. Yeah, you heard that right. Every single cell in your body. It’s considered one of the most important antioxidants within the human body.


Glutathione and immune function


Glutathione plays a huge role with immune function. It encourages a healthy immune system and protects the body from environmental toxins, through its natural occurring T Cell functionality.


Replacing Glutathione depletion


If you can experience a depletion with a mineral like iron or folates, you can bet that your body could experience depletion with amino acids such as glutathione. With the Glutathione push, you can reverse that depletion, to bring your body back to full functionality again. The most common cause for glutathione depletion, is due to heavy drinking. As you age, as well, you will experience a decrease in the natural production of glutathione, yet your body still needs plenty of it!




Another thing that glutathione is crucial for, is removing and detoxifying carcinogens. According to recent studies, they can also influence cell survival immensely. This is due to the unique structure of the amino acid that allows it to restructure the metabolic pathway. Glutathione works double duty, achieving so many things to keep your body functioning in high gear. With a go, go, go lifestyle, making sure that you have correct body levels of glutathione is essential and vital to the health and longevity of your body.  

As with all medical procedures, results will vary depending on your age, the severity of condition, genetics, general health and environmental conditions.


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