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Vitamindrip IVAlthough Nutritional IV Therapy may be a new concept to you today, it is not new to many. Several clinics throughout the world are using micronutrient therapy to enhance outcomes for their patients. In fact, these treatments have even made headlines with famous athletes and movie stars in an array of settings.

The idea of adding micronutrients to a person via IV is not a crazy thought when you better understand the causes of degeneration and illness. It is a well-known fact that rapid cellular breakdown (degeneration) occurs with a lack of nutrition and oxygen. Our circulatory system is what carries oxygen and nutrients to our organs and tissues through the blood. When either circulation or blood content is deficient, decline and aging occur.

Many times a person’s cellular breakdown is due to the inability or inefficiency of one’s body. Have you ever heard the term “you are what you eat”? In reality you are what you absorb. Due to low mineral and vitamin content in our food, combined with a poor American diet, many of us struggle with proper digestion and assimilation; it may be safe to say that most of Americans are nutritionally deprived, thus causing an endemic of chronic disease and chronic pain. In the natural health field, nutrition makes the world go round. Without it, any number of symptoms or issues can manifest themselves.

One of the most important functions based on the health of our body is our immune system function. Although stress and other things outside our control can impair our immune system, much of its effect could remain intact if we were nutritionally up to par. In fact, the best way to combat stress and outside invaders such as viruses and bacteria is to keep a healthy
immune system, by ridding ourselves of toxins and increasing our intake of nutrients.

Although to some, IV therapy is not considered a natural introduction of nutrients to the body since most of us eat our vitamins and minerals, this delivery system is often the most useful in cases such as leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach paresis, and other GI conditions. Obviously, these conditions make it tough for the gut to handle food and absorb properly. Therefore, nutritional IV therapy is a prime alternative for getting nutrition into the body. By bypassing the stomach and producing an instant and significant increase in concentration, Nutritional IV Therapy presents nutrients to every cell in the human biome.

There are many other debilitating and life-threatening illnesses such as autoimmune disease, cancer, organ failure, depression, neurological complications and more which may not seem related to gut function; however, IV therapy is also a high dose remedy for nutritional deficiencies not otherwise obtained. On IV can be the equivalent of six weeks of supplements even in the healthiest gut and with high-quality vitamins. Part of this is the high dose element, and part of this benefit is due to the rapid cellular assimilation associated with IV therapy. Food and supplements may yield a 5-10% absorption rate whereas IV therapy can be anywhere from 65-90%, creating bioavailability unheard of with only eating or using dietary supplementation. Obviously, this can be a life-saving option when needed.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, IV therapy can be easily justified for the common cold, yeast infections, staph/strep infections, athletic rebuilding, a hangover, and even preventative care. One doesn’t need to be bedridden or dysfunctional to benefit from Micronutrient IV Therapy.

None of us are immune to the environmental toxins surrounding us. Free radical damage, mold, pollution, chemicals such as pesticides and stress are all negative factors we contend with on a daily basis. IV therapy can be considered similar to an insurance policy that we have to fall back on when our bodies become weakened by these inevitable nuances.

There are dozens of IV therapy protocols or “recipes.” Each practitioner can design custom plans depending on individual needs. There is a wide array of possible ingredients for IV therapy giving the potential to help even the most complicated cases. Try it. You might be surprised at what nutrition can do.


This post was written by the talented staff at Causality Solutions.

As with all medical procedures, results will vary depending on your age, the severity of condition, genetics, general health and environmental conditions.


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