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Functional health

With Dr. Mark Hyman on the media scene educating the public flawlessly as well as opening up a Functional Medicine unit at the Cleveland Clinic, more and more people are becoming aware and empowered to look at an alternative option to their personal healthcare needs as well as the failing system currently in place.

Not in recent history has healthcare been so broken and in need of a major overhaul. People, in general, are being pushed through systems of healthcare that provide unreal expectations, promote ignorance, disillusionment, and lack of personal responsibility. There is a better way!

Functional Medicine is the healthcare of the future. It is the combination we are all looking for—educating and empowering the patient to make lifestyle changes combined with a focus on the cause of the illness, not the symptoms. With patient-centered care, we can revolutionize medical practice and individual lives.

Looking at the body as a whole, giving it what it needs to function optimally and removing toxins and barriers that prevent or disrupt the body’s intelligence. This is what we all need.

Functional Medicine is based on the search for the cause of the symptoms or disease, not merely medicating or placing a Band-Aid over the symptom. Think about this, if your “check engine” light in your car comes on and you put a piece of duct tape over the signal on the dashboard, will the problem go away? Of course not. Down the road, you will pay a lofty price for ignoring the warning signs.

Interestingly enough, many of the symptoms or warning signs of disease are not always obvious or directly correlated. Functional Medicine addresses this issue by looking at the body holistically—which simply means “as a whole”. For example, just because you get an outbreak of psoriasis on the skin, does not mean your skin is the problem. We find the real cause, taking into account all extenuating and intrinsic circumstances. Considering the “whole” person, Functional Medicine also works to find homeostasis between mind, body, and spirit.

Circle of functional medicineNext, Functional Medicine identifies just six triggers or causes of disease:

  1. Nutritional Deficiency
  2. Toxic Burden
  3. Stress
  4. Trauma
  5. Infection
  6. Congenital or Genetic (which is much less common than previously thought)

All of these contribute to the way our immune system functions, which can be up-regulated or down-regulated. Meaning, many of the external components of our lifestyle can make our immune systems either sluggish or haywire.

Although just six simple components to assess, the body is a complicated, energetic and electrical matrix. Identifying exactly which factors and processes are “off” can be daunting and are best be left to a qualified practitioner.

The good news is there is innovative and accurate testing available which is not yet part of mainstream medicine. This means that Functional Medicine provides options and solutions your regular doctor may not be aware of—there is hope! These new types of testing offer more insight to the triggers and causes of conditions and symptoms vs. checking levels. For
instance, something as simple as what you eat or the environment you are in can be the culprit.

One of the best parts of Functional Medicine is that the patient not only gets to but also is expected to play a big role in their health. Functional Medicine practitioners value the doctor-patient partnership and prefer to involve and empower their patients to take responsibility so they taste the victory of overcoming difficult health challenges. Practitioners can provide a roadmap, but ultimately your life is in your hands, and isn’t that wonderful!

Functional Medicine provides the tools needed to acquire true longevity and quality of life. There is no time like the present to accept a new paradigm in health care.

We should commend the Cleveland Clinic, Mark Hyman and others who are “daring greatly” by putting into motion a type of honest healthcare reform those providers and offer this same great approach to you, as our patient. We look forward to working with you in your quest for true well being.

“Health isn’t everything, but without health everything is nothing.”


This post was written by the talented staff at Causality Solutions.

As with all medical procedures, results will vary depending on your age, the severity of condition, genetics, general health and environmental conditions.


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